Message from Allodapon, Petrou Ralli. June 2020

Yesterday, 15/6, the prisoners in men’s wings D2 and D5 of the second floor of Petrou Ralli started a hunger strike, demanding their immediate release or transport to another place, but also their human rights (food, sleep, toilet, health…). At night, officials used violence in order to stop the strike, but they couldn’t. Today there’s a third wing, D4, that’s also participating in the strike. When they went out on the roof, they started screaming for help —the commander, who was forced to meet them after this, replied to them that he is also doing his job and that he’s obliged by the law… 160+ people are on hunger strike and they are asking for mobilisation also from the women’s wings and from the outside world in order to increase the pressure. They are determined to resist.

* The information that the special forces went inside hasn’t been confirmed. What we know is that the people were beaten and their screams were heard.

A translation of the text:

Good morning. I am a man imprisoned on the 2nd floor of Allodapon, Petrou Ralli. I want to tell you, we’re going to start a hunger strike in wing D2, we are 45 people, and D5, who are 50 people, and from tomorrow D4 is also starting a hunger strike. And in total we’ll all make 130-140 people. And I also wanted to ask you, the girls from the 3rd floor, if it’s easy, to gather, to talk among you, and if it’s easy, I know, it’s very hard, it’s very very hard, ok, if you would also make a move to have a louder voice, in case we do something. We have talked to various organisations for human rights from outside and they all know what’s happening to us. Here we don’t have human rights, they don’t exist at all in Allodapon of Petrou Ralli.
Policemen have stormed in with psychiatric drugs, everyone is sedated, no one knows left from right. Always locked inside the cells, there are people locked inside the cells for 5, 6 months, without being transferred anywhere. Exactly what the government and the police want.
I wanted to tell you if it’s easy for you to reply to me, too, to start a hunger strike, or whichever other way you know of. From below,
With hope,
Freedom. Bye.