From Moria to Athens: Migrants’ occupation of Viktoria Square and imprisonment in Eleonas camp, Athens. June 2020

As normality is being restored and Greece is ready to open the tourist season, the Greek state is suffocating migrants’ lives. It is unofficially withdrawing social protection and pushing migrants out of detention centers, migrants camps or accommodation in homes facilitated by NGOs. Under these circumstances some migrants decided to occupy a central square in Athens, Viktoria square, and demand their rights ‘home, papers, health care and freedom’. After some attempts of eviction, locals and police harassment, on the 17th they were forced to move to Eleonas camp in the outskirts of Athens. Some solidarians were arrested and finally released. On the 17th of June a demonstration is called in solidarity with those migrants transferred to camps and again restrained of freedom.  An assembly between migrants and activists followed the demonstration in front of Eleonas camp. In the assembly it was decided the collaboration on the demonstration of 20th of June in the city center of Athens. (

The first two stories bring the voices of those occupying Viktoria Square. The last voice bring belongs to a lady forced to move by police to Eleonas camp the 17th of June. 

You can download it here