Message from Petrou Ralli, 28/8

Torture inside Allodapon, migrant detention centre of Petrou Ralli, Athens. The migrant men imprisoned are being violently beaten up and deprived of sanitation as a way of torture. Their desperate voices are asking for intervention and support for this violent situation to get to an end.

Communication from a prisoner man from Petrou Ralli to the Initiative of Solidarians for Petrou Ralli.

A translation of the message:

Today is August 28, 2020, we are talking about Petrou Ralli, the detention centre where aliens are living inside. We are talking precisely about 2020, when people are living in this condition… I went to see a friend who comes from Morocco, I can’t say his name, he was locked inside his room. He wakes up and he needs to use the toilet. He calls the cops: “I need the toilet, I need the toilet” because they need to come and open the door for him to go and use the toilet. Then four cops walk inside, they take him to the yard, they beat him black and blue—his shoulder is dislocated, his body, it’s all full of cuts—and he’s a person who is 1.5m tall, 40 kg, he’s not a very tough person. What is this situation we’re living in in 2020, inside cages made for pitbulls or boxers, and the Greek state is making them. It’s a disgrace for the state that has made them.

I saw him with my very eyes, his neck is cut and bandaged. It’s a situation, how can I tell you, from the yard which is 20 metres for four wings, each wing has 30 minutes to be in the yard, the rest of the 24 hours you’re locked behind the bars and you’re knocking on the door—we’re always hearing this thing: “Police, police, toilet, toilet!” Inside it’s filthy, inside it’s full of trash. Bottles with piss in them, with shit, because they’re not opening the door for them to go. Whoever is hearing my voice, please, the year is 2020, help, help, help, because inside this wing, which is rectangular like a matchbox, probably no one on the outside knows that inside there are people with souls. This is a fridge for people. And the people in this fridge have a soul. Please, please, whoever’s hearing me, help, help.