News from Moria 2. 03-11-2020


The 8th of September Moria, the concentration camp for migrants in Lesbos, got burnt. A new camp was built by UNHCR with the support of the Greek state and army. According to our friends who live in the new camp, the situation in the new camp is worst than in the old Moria camp. Floods, fires, violent securitisation and surveillance, restrictions of mobility inside and outside of the camp have become a normality in the so-called Moria 2. A new lockdown has been imposed since the 1st of November leading to more restrictions of circulation outside the camp and to the deterioration of the living conditions.   


Story 1.

Hi guys, I hope be good all guys. I am from Afghanistan, I am living in (new) Moria camp. So I want to discuss about the situation of the new camp. So we have some problems like the food. The food that is coming here is not good. Also we are waiting wait one, two hours in the food line to take the food.  Also taking the shower. The shower does not exist here. Exist, but the situation to take a shower here is not good. 

Also since some days ago we can not go out because of the COVID-19. We have all sort of problems like that. 

Our situation inside of the camp is not good. Our results are not coming. We gave interview but the result is not coming since 4 months ago. The situation of the bathroom is very bad in here. About the doctors also, if a man become sick, if it is an emergency, it becomes a great problem”

Story 2

“My friend wants to speak about the situation inside of the camp for the radio”. 

“Hello guys!. First of all I want to ask you how are you. I am doing very well. We are living in the new camp. we have a lot of problems. Any kind of problems. About the water supply. About the places for sleeping. About everything. Right now the situation here is not good.  

Before three days ago there was a fire and it burnt two tents. The police is calling to the refugees and saying that they are going to lockdown the camp and not letting anyone going outside of the camp. So everyone has a problem. It We have no time for going to the doctor. If we go to the food line we have to wait two, three hours. 

We have no water supplies. There are no water supplies. If we want to take a shower we have to take shower in the sea. So we have a lot of problems”. 

Moria camp is crying for help, 09-09-2020

تمام تر ما نیاز به شنیده شدن صدامون داریم

‘All we need is to hear our voices’

‘Todo lo que necesitamos es que escuchen nuestras voces’

Transcription and translation from the audio report in English

My name is Morteza and i live in Moria for more than a year
And I want to share my voice today
I’d like to you know about situation of here we don’t have electricity-water-safe place-saop and something like that and….
We are in quarantine for several months
We are in a bad mental state
Last night we had a very bad fire here and everything is burn we don’t have tent- food-water and… right now
We need to you hear our voice as soon as passible
If somebody can help us please do it now

Στα ελληνικα

Γεια σας
Λέγομαι Μορτεζά και ζω στη Μόρια πάνω από έναν χρόνο
Και σήμερα θέλω να ακουστεί η φωνή μου
Θέλω να ξέρετε την κατάσταση εδώ: δεν έχουμε ρεύμα – νερό – ασφαλείς χώρους – σαπούνι και άλλα τέτοια
Και είμαστε σε καραντίνα εδώ και αρκετούς μήνες
Η ψυχολογική μας κατάσταση είναι άσχημη
Χτες το βράδυ εδώ ξέσπασε μια πολύ μεγάλη φωτιά και κάηκαν τα πάντα. Δεν έχουμς σκηνές – φαΐ – νερό τώρα
Έχουμε ανάγκη να μας ακούσετε όσο πιο γρήγορα γίνεται
Αν μπορεί να μας βοηθήσει κάποι#, παρακαλούμε ας το κάνει τώρα

Εn español  


Mi nombre es Morteza, y vivo en Moria desde hace más de un año y hoy quiero compartir mi voz.

Me gustaría que supierais como es la situación que tenemos aquí. No tenemos electricidad, agua, un lugar seguro, jabón y cosas así, y estamos en cuarentena desde hace varios meses. Nuestra salud mental está muy deteriorada.

La pasada noche hubo un incendio muy grave y todo se ha quemado. No tenemos tiendas, agua, comida y …ahora mismo lo que necesitamos es escuchar vuestras voces cuanto antes.

Por favor si alguien puede ayudarnos, por favor hacerlo ahora.  




Message from Moria migrant camp, Lesvos, 09-09-2020

‘Everything is burnt’ reports our friend from Moria camp. Yesterday night migrants confronted the police in Moria camp, police teargassed them and various fires were provoked around the camp. ‘We slept tonight near the camp’. ‘Everyone is safe. But nothing exists anymore. We are looking for our cats but we did not find them yet’. The European Asylum Support Office (EASO) and the detention centre (PROKEKA) were burnt. Imprisoned migrants ran away.

«Όλα είναι καμένα» διηγούνται φίλ# μας από το καμπ της Μόριας στις 4 το πρωί. Χτες το βράδυ, μεταναστ# αντιστάθηκαν στην αστυνομία στο στρατόπεδο της Μόριας, η αστυνομία τους έριξε δακρυγόνα και το καμπ γέμισε φωτιές. «Απόψε κοιμηθήκαμε κοντά στο στρατόπεδο». «Όλος ο κόσμος είναι καλά. Αλλά όλα τα πράγματα έχουν καταστραφεί. Ψάχνουμε τις γάτες μας αλλά δεν τις έχουμε βρει ακόμα». Το ευρωπαϊκό γραφείο υποστήριξης ασύλου (ΕΓΥΑ) και το κλειστό κέντρο κράτησης (ΠΡΟΚΕΚΑ) κάηκαν. Οι και τα φυλακισμέν# μεταναστ# ξέφυγαν.

Video Report from our friends living in Moria camp

Βίντεο από φίλ# που ζουν στο στρατόπεδο της Μόριας

1. The European Asylum Support Office (EASO) burning, 09-09-2020

Φωτιά στο ευρωπαΐκό γραφείο υποστήριξης ασύλου (ΕΓΥΑ), 09-09-2020

2. Area of tents burnt in Moria camp, 09-09-2020

Καμένη περιοχή με σκηνές στο στρατόπεδο της Μόριας, 09-09-2020

3. Prison in Moria camp (PROKEKA), burnt after fire, 09-09-2020

Το κέντρο-φυλακή στο στρατόπεδο της Μόριας, καμένο, 09-09-2020


Photo Report from our friends living in Moria camp 

Φωτογραφίες από φίλ# μας που ζουν στο στρατόπεδο της Μόριας


1. Moria camp, some fires are still active in the morning in Moria camp, 09-09-2020

Στρατόπεδο της Μόριας, κάποιες φωτιές καίνε ακόμα μέσα στο στρατόπεδο, 09-09-2020

2. Moria camp, structures remained from EASO offices after fire, 09-09-2020

Στρατόπεδο της Μόριας, τα αποκαΐδια των γραφείων του ΕΓΥΑ, 09-09-2020

3. Moria camp, structures remained from tents after fire, 09-09-2020

Στρατόπεδο της Μόριας, απομεινάρια σκηνών μετά τη φωτιά, 09-09-2020



Message from Moria migrant camp, Lesvos, 08-09-2020

According to migrants living in Moria camp, Lesvos, riots are occurring while police is throwing teargas. A fire has been provoked in the surroundings of the camp. In the last few days more than 100 people have been transferred to the hospital due to corona virus infection. Meanwhile the Greek Minister of Migration orders the strict quarantine of the camp during 14 days and the double fencing of the camp transforming it in a closed prison. Migrant people living in Moria are claiming their right to free movement and health care through hunger strike and confrontations with police.

Video report from riots and provoked fire in Moria migrant camp, Lesvos, Greece, 09 09 2020

Βίντεο απ’ τις συγκρούσεις και τις φωτιές στο καμπ μεταναστών της Μόριας, στη Λέσβο, στις 09-09-2020

Voices from Moria camp in Farsi

Voices from Moria camp in English



Hello dear friends who hear my voice

I hope you are all well

And unfortunately I have to say that in these last few days at Camp Moria Many people are infected with the corona virus

And this virus is becoming more and more common among immigrants every day

And last night, 8 of our friends who lived near our tent became infected with the virus And were taken to hospital

And with the poor conditions that this camp has in terms of health I hope that a solution to this issue will be found soon

And otherwise we will see a big catastrophe


Γεια σας, φίλ# που ακούτε τη φωνή μου

Ελπίζω να είσαστε καλά

Και δυστυχώς έχω να πω ότι αυτές τις τελευταίες μέρες στο καμπ της Μόριας πολύς κόσμος έχει κολλήσει τον κορονοϊό

Κι αυτός ο ιός εξαπλώνεται όλο και περισσότερο ανάμεσα στ# μεταναστ# κάθε μέρα

Χτες το βράδυ, οχτώ φίλ# μας που μένουν κοντά στη σκηνή μας αρρώστησαν απ’ τον ιό και μεταφέρθηκαν στο νοσοκομείο

Και με τις κακές συνθήκες υγιεινής που έχει αυτό το στρατόπεδο, ελπίζω να βρεθεί μια λύση σ’ αυτό το θέμα σύντομα

Αλλιώς θα δούμε μεγάλη καταστροφή

Message from Petrou Ralli, 28/8

Torture inside Allodapon, migrant detention centre of Petrou Ralli, Athens. The migrant men imprisoned are being violently beaten up and deprived of sanitation as a way of torture. Their desperate voices are asking for intervention and support for this violent situation to get to an end.

Communication from a prisoner man from Petrou Ralli to the Initiative of Solidarians for Petrou Ralli.

A translation of the message:

Today is August 28, 2020, we are talking about Petrou Ralli, the detention centre where aliens are living inside. We are talking precisely about 2020, when people are living in this condition… I went to see a friend who comes from Morocco, I can’t say his name, he was locked inside his room. He wakes up and he needs to use the toilet. He calls the cops: “I need the toilet, I need the toilet” because they need to come and open the door for him to go and use the toilet. Then four cops walk inside, they take him to the yard, they beat him black and blue—his shoulder is dislocated, his body, it’s all full of cuts—and he’s a person who is 1.5m tall, 40 kg, he’s not a very tough person. What is this situation we’re living in in 2020, inside cages made for pitbulls or boxers, and the Greek state is making them. It’s a disgrace for the state that has made them.

I saw him with my very eyes, his neck is cut and bandaged. It’s a situation, how can I tell you, from the yard which is 20 metres for four wings, each wing has 30 minutes to be in the yard, the rest of the 24 hours you’re locked behind the bars and you’re knocking on the door—we’re always hearing this thing: “Police, police, toilet, toilet!” Inside it’s filthy, inside it’s full of trash. Bottles with piss in them, with shit, because they’re not opening the door for them to go. Whoever is hearing my voice, please, the year is 2020, help, help, help, because inside this wing, which is rectangular like a matchbox, probably no one on the outside knows that inside there are people with souls. This is a fridge for people. And the people in this fridge have a soul. Please, please, whoever’s hearing me, help, help.

Message from Petrou Ralli, 23/8

In Petrou Ralli migrant detention centre, Athens, prisoners have always faced bad living conditions, psychological violence, substandard medical care, as self-organised groups supporting prisoner women have documented. Two weeks ago, after cops sexually attacked prisoner women for the last time, the women prisoners who were in Petrou Ralli were transferred to Amygdaleza migrant dentention centre. Since then, the cops have had free rein to increase the level of violence and torture on the men. Solidarity is needed urgently!

Communication from a prisoner man from Petrou Ralli to the Initiative of Solidarians for Petrou Ralli.

Good afternoon. Today is August 23, 2020. I am a prisoner who has currently been on the third floor of Petrou Ralli Allodapon for fourteen months. I want to talk about a person, a prisoner—as they say he is a prisoner, there’s no prisoner because of papers. He was with us for about three months with a serious illness: hepatitis and some pretty large round things in his throat, I don’t know the medical word for it. But in horrible condition. From the morning until the evening he’d be crying, from the morning until the evening we’d be fighting with the police, with the nurse, with the doctor, to send him to hospital. A thousand times they took him to the hospital, for nothing, they just took him for a ride and they came back. Finally on the night of August 17, 2020 we managed (by fighting with the police, with punches and kicks both from them and from us) to have him sent to hospital, and they kept him in Evangelismos, which was on duty on that day. Luckily, there were some people outside that we know and we called them and they did something to keep him in hospital.

This person in his horrible state… The night that we made them send him, he could barely breathe, and they would say, “It’s nothing, he took drugs, he’ll be fine.” And every time they went and came back, the cops would tell us, “It’s not the illness he has that almost killed him, what almost killed him were the psychiatric drugs he’s taken.” This is another very big issue that we have on the third floor as prisoners with serious illnesses. We have no psychiatrist. We have one doctor, I don’t know where they found her and they brought her here, she is the pathologist, she is the psychiatrist, she is the surgeon, she is everything, and she’s nothing. As a prisoner, I say that this woman is nothing. And she gives us these drugs… Luckily, I’m not on psychiatric drugs, but the rest of the guys… Because here there’s not even a tv, not even a radio, not even a thing. And how long can you spend talking, however much you talk it will be over eventually. You need drugs to sleep and relax. There’s bars and iron everywhere.

They give such heavy drugs, psychiatric drugs, that everyone’s belly is bloated and they have some lumps one in his neck, one in his belly, one in his back, everyone has developed this thing. And the person who was in hospital, thankfully, with the help of some people we know from outside, who are humans not just in the word, they’re humans in their soul; they went there, they saw him, they managed—despite the difficulties with the coronavirus measures—they managed to see him and then they told us the shitty state they found him in: no shoes, no flip flops, not one pair of boxers, nothing, in his shitty state. They brought him things, they helped him. Everything they could do, everything in their power, they did it, both the doctor and the people we know. The doctor, not the doctor from Allodapon, the one from outside. They’ve helped him a lot. And especially us in here, as well, since before, when in the building next to us there were girl prisoners. Now the girls left more or less twenty days ago. Things here have got extremely hard. Because the girls who were here had people on the outside, various organisations were watching, and they themselves would fight for the food, for these things, and we’re always saying, “Girls, you took care of the men”, things were lighter. Since the girls left—and why did they leave? due to sexual harassment that cops had done to women—and they have moved from there, the people who were accused of this situation I told you about sent them away so that they’d be lost. And ever since then it’s been tougher. And our food, I give you my word, to whoever hears this message, not even a pig can eat this food. Bread mixed with their hands and in open crates, they fill them with trash, the bread and food that they bring us. And what kind of food? Every day now it’s rice-spaghetti-rice-spaghetti-rice-spaghetti, every day.

We have a big problem with hospitals, with doctors, we have some people here with serious illness, they’ve brought a prisoner next to us these two weeks, he’s alone, today he made a decision to set fire, to sew his mouth shut, to do something. He screams, he says “I do have a residence permit, why are they keeping me locked up?” and they’ve stuffed him with all these psychiatric drugs, […], I don’t know, they want to turn him into a zombie. I want whoever hears this message to keep an eye on us, we’re screaming to you, sos, help, please help.

In the end, now we don’t know what this person’s doing. I’ll manage to see him and talk to him and I’ll say the rest of it better. We as people here, we have no right as humans. What the cops write on paper—they’ve written our rights on the door—none of it applies to us. Nothing applies to us. Our windows are torn, they’re broken. All we see is iron—bars and iron. There’s nothing else.


Hunger strike in Amygdaleza, 21/8

Today, 21/8, detainees in Amygdaleza refused to eat, demanding to be released. The conditions in Amygdaleza are inhuman, and contact with the outside world is minimal because of COVID measures.


Hello. Today we did a hunger strike, we didn’t take food. For freedom. They’re not releasing people. I don’t know, now we didn’t take food here in Amygdaleza, the people with Algerian nationality didn’t take food and want to understand why we’re not getting out, why, only this… these people, some of whom have asked for deportation and have been waiting for eight, nine months. This is a prison for us, it’s not a camp, it’s not a detention centre for papers. Now it’s become like a prison, a prison without a trial.

News from Amigdaleza, August 2020

Good evening. I hope you’re well and all is well. Now we don’t know and I can’t talk about the news from outside, we have no connection with the outside, but in here there’s some movement, they’ve taken people to the islands, they’ve brought new people, the place we’re in has become a lot more crowded. There’s already a lot of stupid things, a few days ago a guy was sick and they weren’t taking him to hospital and people gathered who wanted to break the door; then the police took the guy to hospital, I mean only with trouble and problems did they do their job. It’s true that we’re living in the shit, in a lot of –if this is the correct word– a lot of shit. In the time of the coronavirus, we are living something else in here. I hope you’re well and all is well.

Medical care is shit. It’s completely horrible. I can see it because I have a problem, and I see what they’re doing there. I think and I believe that the biggest assholes in here are the doctors who are here. Even more so than the police. Yes, there’s a serious problem with doctors. They’re very big assholes. And yes, they have brought women in here, too, and to guard the women they have brought a woman cop, or two.

News from Amygdaleza detention centre, June 2020

The detention centre of Amygdaleza was built in 2012. It’s used as a prison for people without papers before their deportation, but also as a place to keep unaccompanied minors until proper housing is found for them. The people inside –many more than the structure was built for– are imprisoned indefinitely in horrible conditions that destroy their health. Recently, under cover of the lockdown, the authorities seized people from Amygdaleza and moved them to Turkey secretly and with a lot of violence.

Το κέντρο κράτησης της Αμυγδαλέζας χτίστηκε το 2012. Χρησιμεύει ως φυλακή για άτομα χωρίς χαρτιά πριν την απέλασή τους, αλλά και σαν μέρος διαμονής ασυνόδευτων ανήλικων μέχρι να τους βρεθεί κατάλληλη στέγαση. Τα άτομα εκεί μέσα–πολύ περισσότερος απ’ τη χωρητικότητα της δομής–είναι φυλακισμένα επ’ αόριστο, σε άθλιες συνθήκες που τους καταστρέφουν την υγεία. Πρόσφατα, με την κάλυψη των μέτρων περιορισμού, οι αρχές έπαιρναν έγκλειστα άτομα από την Αμυγδαλέζα και τα προωθούσαν στην Τουρκία, κρυφά και πολύ βίαια.

you can download it here

Forced to Stay at Home, Athens. June 2020

Since New Democracy came to power in July 2019 campaigning on a platform of Law and Order they have hired over 2000 new police officers. There has been a focus on DIAS, the motorcycle based cops who move in groups of between 2 and 8 bikes. Their primary task is to stop and harass people on the street. In addition there are large scale and covert sweeps in which around 20 cops will descend on public squares, racially profile people, check IDs and then take away groups of people in minibuses. During the lockdown in Greece everyone needed to carry documents explaining their reason for being outside as well as IDs. This gave further power to the police. Post lockdown they continue to occupy the public squares.

Από τότε που ήρθε στην εξουσία η Νέα Δημοκρατία με ένα πρόγραμμα νόμου και τάξης, έχουν προσληφθεί πάνω από 2000 επιπλέον αστυνομικοί, με προτίμηση στους ΔΙΑΣ, τους μπάτσους με μοτοσικλέτες που κινούνται σε ομάδες των 2 ως 8 μηχανών. Η βασική δουλειά τους είναι να σταματάνε και να παρενοχλούν κόσμο στον δρόμο. Επιπρόσθετα γίνονται εκτεταμένες και κρυφές επιχειρήσεις σκούπα όπου γύρω στους 20 μπάτσους ορμάνε σε δημόσιους χώρους, σταματάνε άτομα και ελέγχουν ταυτότητες με ρατσιστικά κριτήρια και παίρνουν κόσμο σε βαν. Κατά τη διάρκεια της καραντίνας στην Ελλάδα, όλος ο κόσμος ήταν υποχρεωμένος να κινείται με χαρτιά που εξηγούσαν γιατί κυκλοφορούσε έξω και με ταυτότητες. Αυτό έδωσε ακόμα περισσότερο τον έλεγχο στην αστυνομία. Μετά την καραντίνα συνεχίζουν να καταλαμβάνουν τις πλατείες.

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