Podcast Cracks. Building bonds and making visible the invisible.
We are creating a radio show that brings together stories, voices and reports from those ignored or targeted by the state inside detention centres, camps, prisons and on the streets. We want to create networks with people living all over Greece in these conditions with the hope that a radio show can be one place to share and connect the different daily struggles. 
We have chosen a radio show as a starting point so that people in these situations can use their own voice to tell their own story. We are not journalists. We are open to different directions these collaborations could go.
We are a DIY collective which use low tech tools. This makes anyone able to participate in the radio shows, creating contents and editing them (mobile phones to record voices and create audios, free open source audio software (audacity), a free internet library to upload audio files (internet archive)). 
Below are some questions we are interested in. However we don’t want people to feel limited by them and we encourage people to use whatever examples they feel best describe their lives. 
•   How have your lives changed since the corona outbreak? (E.g. food, freedom to move, communication, psychological support, hygienic conditions, change in activities, legal support)
•   What are your needs in these times of pandemia?
•   Do you have demands you want to share?  
•   Is there something, good or bad, in your situation that was unexpected or surprising?
•   Do you want to suggest a song/piece of music we can play alongside your report/story?
How can people share?
Ideally we would like to record people’s stories in their own voice and in whatever language they feel most comfortable speaking in. This could be done through whatsapp/signal/telegram/viber/facebook voice messages. (We ask people to send multiple messages so that they can be more easily translated). 
Keep messages to maximum five minutes (due to length of the podcast). If people don’t feel comfortable having their voices played on the radio we will always respect this. Everyone must know that it is for radio and then decide whether they want to use their voice. (- We can ‘double’ their voices….) 
If people don’t want to use their voices on the radio its easier to use voice messenger. But it must be clear that we will not use these for the radio. Written texts are also welcome or any other way people wish. (We have an email people can send to if they want).
Email: invisible.radio@protonmail.com