News from Amigdaleza, August 2020

Good evening. I hope you’re well and all is well. Now we don’t know and I can’t talk about the news from outside, we have no connection with the outside, but in here there’s some movement, they’ve taken people to the islands, they’ve brought new people, the place we’re in has become a lot more crowded. There’s already a lot of stupid things, a few days ago a guy was sick and they weren’t taking him to hospital and people gathered who wanted to break the door; then the police took the guy to hospital, I mean only with trouble and problems did they do their job. It’s true that we’re living in the shit, in a lot of –if this is the correct word– a lot of shit. In the time of the coronavirus, we are living something else in here. I hope you’re well and all is well.

Medical care is shit. It’s completely horrible. I can see it because I have a problem, and I see what they’re doing there. I think and I believe that the biggest assholes in here are the doctors who are here. Even more so than the police. Yes, there’s a serious problem with doctors. They’re very big assholes. And yes, they have brought women in here, too, and to guard the women they have brought a woman cop, or two.